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Depositing material with the Digital Archives

The Digital Archives of Colorado College is a permanent web-based repository that organizes, preserves and makes available the creative, scholarly and institutional work of the faculty, staff and students of Colorado College. The Digital Archives collects current as well as historical material with the intention of making these works available in perpetuity.

Along with serving a preservation function, Tutt Library and the Digital Archives seek to provide support to those who would like to participate in the Open Access publishing movement by making their research widely available. The Digital Archives can serve as a platform for the public dissemination of scholarly work, while allowing authors to reserve their intellectual property rights.

Deposit Agreements

There are two agreements available to facilitate contributions:

For more information on how to deposit materials, or if you would like to suggest other campus publications or works for inclusion in the Digital Archives, please contact Jessy Randall, the Curator of Special Collections and College Archivist. You can also contact the Digital Archives group via email.

Collection policy

Colorado College has established a collection policy describing the scope of the Digital Archives of Colorado College. View Collection Policy.