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List of Records in Student Senior Theses 2008-2009 Collection

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A five forces analysis of niche and generic networks in the online social networking industry    
A signal in the NFL Draft : does the NFL Combine have a positive informational value?    
An econometric comparison of profit margins of independent hospitals and system hospitals    
Analysis of inter US-EU bank mergers    
Are state identification laws suppressing voter turnout?    
Attendance in the National Hockey League after the lockout    
Carbon emissions and company performance    
China's dependency on net exports and its current efforts to mature its economy    
Colorado payday loans : consumer perspectives, attitudes, and alternatives    
Contagion and gravity : how contagion theory can be used to improve the gravity model for international capital flows    
Corporate partnerships with non-governmental organizations : the evolution of corporate social responsibility    
Designing slum improvements : solving the international housing crisis through appropriate architecture    
Determinants of customer loyalty in the specialty coffee industry : the differences between customer loyalty to an independent coffee shop and Starbucks    
Determinants of NFL franchise revenue generation    
Determinants of public health : the role of innovative capacity in developing countries    
Determinants of used car resale value    
Determining consumers' willingness to pay for digital information goods    
Do stock market investors value environmentally friendly companies? : Should they?    
Does it pay to be mediocre : an analysis of NBA salary determinants    
Does losing matter? : an analysis of NBA franchise revenues    
Eating green : valuing the environmental impacts of dietary choices    
Eco-tourism in developing countries    
Economies of scale in the wholesale pharmaceutical industry    
Global commodity chains and industrial upgrading strategies : a case study in the specialty coffee market    
Including cash-flow risk in stock return analysis    
Industry collapse and federal regulation    
Labor market discrimination within the National Basketball Association    
Microeconometric determinants of poverty movement    
NAFTA's effects on employment in the Colorado cattle industry    
NHL player production during contract years    
Organic labeling in the wine market : targeting the socially conscious consumer    
Organizational culture by design    
Paper or plastic? : the economic implications of plastic carrier bag legislation in the United States    
Promoting efficient allocation of water resources : the price determinants for ditch company shares in Colorado's South Platte Basin    
Protectionism and imperialism 1872-1914    
REITs explanatory variables during the early 1990s recession and today    
Socioeconomic determinants of basic and advanced knowledge of HIV/AIDS in India    
The determinants of attendance at PGA and PGA Tour tournaments    
The effect of money announcements on interest rate expectations    
The impact of employee participation on the job satisfaction of blue-collar workers    
The role of mentorship in entrepreneurial ventures    
Valuing healthcare companies : an empirical study    
Willingness to pay for an elk license in Colorado : a contingent valuation examination