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A Behavioral Approach to Stock Pricing  
A Life Insurance Deterrent to Risky Behavior in Africa  
A Selective Survey of Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Asia: What Does the Literature Tell Us?  
A Tale of Two Cities Revisited: Pass-through in Hong Kong and Singapore  
An Ounce of Prevention or a Pound of Cure? Short- and Long-Run Effects of Pharmaceutical Patents on U.S. Health Care Expenditures  
Are Many Heads Better Than Two? Recent Changes In International Technological Collaboration  
Can Tax Cuts Pay for Themselves? An Examination of Dynamic Scoring with Public Capital  
Case Studies on Location: Taking to the Field in Economics  
Challenges To Technology Transfer: A Literature Review Of The Constraints On Environmental Technology Dissemination  
Determinants of Recent Online Purchasing and the Percentage of Income Spent Online  
Does HAVA Help the Have-Nots? US Adoption of New Election Equipment, 1980-2008  
Does HIV/AIDS Related Knowledge Affect Men’s Decision to Have Sexual Encounters with Commercial Sex Workers? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa  
Does Principal Pay Matter? An Analysis of Principal Compensation and School Performance in Colorado K-12 Public Schools  
Doing Publishable Research with Undergraduate Students  
Emerging U.S. Climate Policy: Where We are and How We Got Here  
Energy Star: A Competitive Advantage?  
Executive Pay Inefficiencies In the Financial Sector  
Feedback Effects and the Laffer Landscape  
Financing Environmental Improvements: A Literature Review of the Constraints on Financing Environmental Innovation  
Fruits of Their Neighbors: The Role of Geography in Agricultural Innovation  
Fueling the Innovative Process: Oil Prices and Induced Innovation in Automotive Energy-Efficient Technology  
How Influential is Experience? A Study of the Relationship between Demography and Cognition in Large Diversified Firms  
Innovating for an Uncertain Market: A Literature Review of the Constraints on Environmental Innovation  
Is Wal-Mart a Bad Neighbor? Repeat sales evidence on how property values react to a new Big-box store  
It’s a Small(er) World: The Role of Geography in Biotechnology Innovation  
Lending a Hand: A Quantile Regression Analysis of Micro-Lending's Poverty Impact  
Macroeconomic Determinants of Exchange Rate Pass-Through in India  
Managerial Cognition and Strategic Decision Making in Diversified Firms  
Nafta toward a Common Currency: An Economic Feasibility Study  
NHL Team Production  
Selling Ideas: The Determinants of Patent Value in an Auction Environment  
Semester, Trimester or Block Plan? Retention of Economics Principles by Undergraduates on Alternative Curricular Structures  
Six Degrees of GM Bacon: Network Analysis of Biotechnology Inventors  
Straddle Option Profitability in Corporate Lawsuits  
The Anatomy of a Likely Donor: Econometric Evidence on Philanthropy to Higher Education  
The Demand for NFL Attendance: A Rational Addiction Model  
The Determinants of NFL Viewership: Evidence from Nielsen Ratings  
The Economic Determinants of the Brazilian Nominal Term Structure of Interest Rates  
The Effect of Wage-Payment Reform on Workers’ Labor Supply and Welfare  
The NWIMBY Effect (No Walmart in My Backyard): Big Box Stores and Residential Property Values  
Thought for Food: A New Dataset on Innovation for Agricultural Use  
Trends in Stadium and Arena Construction, 1995-2015  
Variation in Pill Use: Do Abortion Laws Matter?  
Who REALLY Wants To Be A Millionaire: Game Show Contestant Behavior Under Risk